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Blizzard Finally Settles On New Name For Their Online Gaming Service

After upsetting their fans, Blizzard has settled on a compromise everyone can get behind.
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14 Years Is Probably Legal If They Have Tentacles

Look, I don't make the rules here, this is just how the laws work in Japan.
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EA To Nintendo Fans: "We'll Support Nintendo Switch, But Only If You Pay Us One Million Dollars"

Third-party support could finally be in Nintendo's grasp. But will Switch owners be able to afford the cost?
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New Details Emerge On The "Other" NBA Game Coming Out This Year

The not-so-good, not-so-popular NBA game constantly in 2K's shadow is still trying, and they got some real winners this year.
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No Man's Sky Finally Gets Long-Awaited Buttocks Expansion In Latest Update

It'll be a full game eventually, just give it time. It's just trying to find itself.
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Fisting Black Chicks Is The New eSport

Nintendo's latest foray into competitive fighting games is a gaping success, but can they hold it all in, or will the pros lapse into irrelevancy?
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Valve Finally Announces Half-Life 3, And It's A Card Game

The wait is finally over, Valve can count to three at long last.
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Overwatch's Sexy Summer Update Baffles Players With Bizarre New Gameplay Changes

Now with 100% more microtransactions and 100% less Overwatch.
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Sega Faces Backlash As Fans Call Sonic Forces "Islamophobic"

The Blue Blur's new game isn't inclusive enough for some people, and they demand change.
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We're Finally Back

Fake news websites CNN and Kotaku thought we were dead. Sad!
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Stop Holding My Hand And Let Me Masturbate Already

Whatever happened to just catching a fucking Pokemon and jerking off to it?
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