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Title:Overwatch's Newest Character Goes Live, Community Now Welcoming Horse Fetishists


Summary: Overwatch really is just a game about inclusiveness. There's someone for everyone. Even you, robot horse fetishist.

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Title:Nintendo Unveils Special Edition You'll Never Get Of New Fire Emblem Game


Summary: Comes with free hentai and some pins and shit probably.

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Title:Megaman Boom Cartoon Slightly Less Of An Abomination


Summary: Why can't people just let him die in peace?

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Title:Mass Effect: Andromeda Doesn't Have Bad Animation Or Else You're S E X I S T


Summary: As it turns out, GamerGate is behind the facial animations and it was ethics in video game journalism all along.

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Title:What If The Pokemon Company Is Run By The Jews


Summary: You never know, it could be.

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Title:Newest Sonic Game Confirmed As "Sonic Forces", Raises Speculation Of What He's Forcing


Summary: I think I remember a fan-fiction that sounded kinda like this.

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Title:Good Night Alt-Right


Summary: Time to punch some alien Nazi scum

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Title:Sequel To Nintendo's Popular Tentacle Rape Game Gets Beta Test Bukkake


Summary: You'll probably be asleep or something when it happens, don't bother trying to catch it.

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Title:Totalitarian Fascist Genocidal Youtuber JonTron Pushes For Ethnic Cleansing


Summary: ECH stands for "Ethnic Cleansing for Hitler", JonTron reveals.

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Title:The French Are Coming To Battlefield 1 In Latest Expansion


Summary: Bonjour, wee wee, baguettes, and more all included in the latest DLC.