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Black Lives Matter Protests Latest Super Mario Game's Lack Of African Castles

Super Mario's latest adventure around the globe stirs controversy over depiction of African worlds.

I Fucking Hate Snoopy

That stupid fucking piece of shit dog needs to be shot.

Finally I Can Collect Enough Anime Girls To Sate The Crippling Loneliness In My Soul

And it only cost me $74.99 of real world currency, what a steal. Thanks, Nintendo.

Nintendo Strips Mario's Plumber Title To Fight Back The Alt-Right

"We just don't want to go down that road" Nintendo of America president takes firm political stance.

Szechuan Sauce Being Bundled With SNES Classics On GameStop Website

"SNEShuan Saucegate" scandal has only just begun, claims corporate insider.

Video Game Journalist, 28, Takes Life After Playing Cuphead

Developers offer their condolences with in-game memorial, plans to scale down difficulty.

If Everything On XVIDEOS Was This Eloquent We'd Have Colonies On Mars By Now

>tfw your hentai video game has a higher understanding of theoretical quantum physics than you.

Bethesda Sparks Alt-Right Protests Over Latest Nazi-Shooting Game

"If the roles were reversed and they made a game about shooting gays or something, it would be all over the news" claims iconic alt-right YouTuber.

Agents Of Mayhem Developer Hit With Wrath Of God

After the lukewarm response to their latest open-world game, the Heavens open up to rain judgement upon them.

Sony Weighs In On Nintendo Switch Success, No Plans For Hybrid Market

Yoshida lays it all out for us in an exclusive interview.

Hey Kid, Ya Wanna Buy Some Space Wizards?

Come on, just one space wizard. It'll only cost you one measly long-term investment of time and money, haha.

Rockstar Announces L.A. Noire Remaster, L.A. Noire Mega Party Games For Switch

The gritty crime drama is coming to Nintendo's latest platform, and it'll be fun for the whole family.

Ubisoft's Aggressive Alt-Left Tendencies Continue With Race Warmongering Cartoon Game

We must rise above the hate and unite against Ubisoft and their agendas.

Nintendo And Build-A-Bear Team Up For Disgusting Furry Sex Paraphernalia

I am shocked and appalled that Nintendo would stoop so low, but I guess the Wii U did more damage than we all thought.

Street Fighter V One Step Closer To Being Complete Game With Latest Character's Nude Mods

She's playable too I think, I'm not too sure. I didn't watch the trailer all the way through.

Nintendo's Hit Mobile Hentai Game Adds New Fan-Favorite Heroes

But something seems off. What happened to Mom's purple hair?

Overwatch Gives Fan-Favorite Healer A Big Honking Penis

Huge, girthy changes come to Overwatch's main healer hero.

Square Enix Bringing Back Obscure, Cult Classic RPG

I don't understand, it doesn't even feature Tim Allen, what's the big deal?

THQ Is Up To Some Whack-Ass Kung-Fu Shit Again

I'm sorry, my producers are saying I should clarify, it's OPEN-WORLD, whack-ass Kung-fu shit.

Sonic Games Without Furry Porn Are Actually Pretty Good

Who would've thought, that was all it took just to make a good Sonic game?

The Only Character Anyone Actually Cares About Is Finally Announced For Fire Emblem Warriors

Who the fuck buys Fire Emblem games for boys with blue hair lol.

Nintendo Adds Clown Inflation Fanservice To Popular Fisting Game, And More From Gamescom

They'll go through every fetish in the book before they allow themselves to become irrelevant.

Big News For EA's Epic Space Trilogy

The news you've all been waiting for. Every choice you make will matter.

Xbox One X: Scorpio Edition Unveiled, Will Include Live Scorpions

Microsoft's pre-Gamescom conference was packed with surprises, antivenom not included.

Talentless Alt-Right Leader PewDiePie Calls It Quits Following Charlottesville Attack

One small step for punching Nazis, one giant step for punching racism in the face.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Will Feature More Furries Than Ever Before

Nintendo ups the furry quota following massive success of Sonic Mania, aims to be more inclusive of furry culture.

Blizzard Finally Settles On New Name For Their Online Gaming Service

After upsetting their fans, Blizzard has settled on a compromise everyone can get behind.

14 Years Is Probably Legal If They Have Tentacles

Look, I don't make the rules here, this is just how the laws work in Japan.

EA To Nintendo Fans: "We'll Support Nintendo Switch, But Only If You Pay Us One Million Dollars"

Third-party support could finally be in Nintendo's grasp. But will Switch owners be able to afford the cost?

New Details Emerge On The "Other" NBA Game Coming Out This Year

The not-so-good, not-so-popular NBA game constantly in 2K's shadow is still trying, and they got some real winners this year.

No Man's Sky Finally Gets Long-Awaited Buttocks Expansion In Latest Update

It'll be a full game eventually, just give it time. It's just trying to find itself.

Fisting Black Chicks Is The New eSport

Nintendo's latest foray into competitive fighting games is a gaping success, but can they hold it all in, or will the pros lapse into irrelevancy?

Valve Finally Announces Half-Life 3, And It's A Card Game

The wait is finally over, Valve can count to three at long last.

Overwatch's Sexy Summer Update Baffles Players With Bizarre New Gameplay Changes

Now with 100% more microtransactions and 100% less Overwatch.

Sega Faces Backlash As Fans Call Sonic Forces "Islamophobic"

The Blue Blur's new game isn't inclusive enough for some people, and they demand change.

We're Finally Back

Fake news websites CNN and Kotaku thought we were dead. Sad!

Stop Holding My Hand And Let Me Masturbate Already

Whatever happened to just catching a fucking Pokemon and jerking off to it?