Fans Up In Arms Over Nintendo’s New “Localized” Version Of Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Nintendo’s always been a little awkward with their family-friendly image. Though they produce a number of games geared towards older audiences, Super Mario is still the face of the company, and they’re always a little reluctant to tarnish that reputation.

The issue has arisen now, though, that Nintendo has began to dabble in games that are mature in a much different kind of way. Games like Fire Emblem, with their anime aesthetic and characters designed with sex appeal in mind, have given Nintendo a rough time with adjusting to the western audiences. In Japan, things of that nature are no big deal at all. But Nintendo has always been careful to censor things for the Americas, despite the fans’ protests.

But fans are now drawing a line, and calling for a formal boycott now over Nintendo’s latest slip up. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been completely altered for “Western tastes”, and people are not happy.

The main female character’s outfit has already been drastically changed, as pictured below, to the point of being hardly recognizable as that character. You can see her original design on the left, and the “westernized” version on the right.


It doesn’t even fit into the sci-fi theme anymore, she looks like she belongs on an oatmeal box.

Cuts to the game’s content have also been made. The built-in tiddy slider, which augments the size and shape of a character’s breasts, has been replaced with an armpit hair slider. Which seems useless, considering you never get to see a character’s armpits anyway. Other changes are a little less subtle, like entire conversations and sections of the game being cut.

One said chapter involves the protagonist sticking his penis into his anthropomorphic sword partner and vigorously breeding her in order to unlock her true power to defeat a powerful new antagonist, which causes the armor plating on her sword tits to explode off and fire high-powered lasers from her nipples. That entire chapter is instead replaced with a fishing mini-game, and said antagonist appears later without any introduction, leaving players absolutely baffled.

Even some smaller touches, like the player character needing to smack his sword’s tits to make her into a sword, have been changed. Now, he gives her a high-five instead.

Smack them tiddies

Fans have already opened up petitions to get the original, full game. Pre-orders have been canceled en masse, and social media accounts have been bombarded with complaints.

There’s no telling how Nintendo will respond, if they even do. Knowing them, they may just ignore it and release the game the way it is anyway. Some have just resorted to having the game imported to get the full experience.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is set to release December 1st.

Nintendo Outlines Contents of Zelda’s New “Breath of the Dance Floor” DLC Pack

Nintendo has had some strange crossover promotions in the past. There was that whole Mercedes-Benz and Mario Kart DLC thing. And then Kirby and Bank of America had that mashup on the 3DS, which reviewed fairly poorly. But Nintendo still has lots of friends in high places, and they will plaster their faces wherever they need to if it means making more money on the hype train that is the Nintendo Switch.

One of the Switch’s top-selling titles, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is expected to get its major story DLC by the end of 2017. Nintendo has already released DLC Pack 1, but not much is even known yet on the second DLC pack, despite its release date being right around the corner. They’ve been pretty secretive about it so far, and now that they’re finally starting to leak details, it’s become increasingly aware why.

Nintendo’s next DLC pack will be a crossover between the world of Hyrule and popular electronic music group, Blood on the Dance Floor. An entire new story and new weapons and armor will be included, doubling the content currently in Breath of the Wild.

Here’s a shot of the debut armor set included as soon as you purchase the DLC.

rawr x3

The new story campaign will feature various members of the electronic group, past and present, that have been locked away in dungeons by Calamity Ganon. Link will need to set out to rescue them all, in order to assemble the greatest rave Hyrule has ever seen and banish the darkness that is Calamity Ganon for another eternity.

The most notable new addition to the mechanics is the new “sticker” system. You’ll be able to collect and craft stickers from around the map, found in chests, obtained from monsters, or purchased from one of the new Hot Topic shops that will be popping up across the map. These stickers can be applied to your swords and shields to give them offensive or defensive boosts. Dinosaur stickers will increase a weapon’s attack by 1. Hello Kitty ones will increase durability overall. Different variations of them will provide unique stat augmentations.

A new set of amiibo will also be released to coincide with the DLC. Scanning them will unlock special weapon and armor sets.

nuzzles xD

Nintendo has hinted that many more secrets are still locked away in the second DLC that we haven’t seen yet, despite the massive info dump. There’s no telling what they have in store for us, but the usual data miners are already hard at work trying to find whatever they can.

There’s still no date for the new content, but it’s expected to release sometime this month. Before the end of the year, at the very least. Nintendo will also be releasing a special “Explorer Edition” of the game on November 23rd, which will include a map, guide book, pack of condoms, and a Hershey’s PAYDAY peanut and caramel candy bar.

Newly Annouced Animal Crossing Mobile Game Has Fans Concerned Over Microtransactions

Nintendo’s journey into the world of mobile games has been quite the adventure. They’ve come a long way since the lukewarm reception they got from Miitomo and Super Mario Run. It’s taking some getting used to, but they’ve slowly been embracing the free-to-play model. Something people have been anticipating, both with fervent excitement, and absolute dread.

Their most popular mobile hit so far, Fire Emblem Heroes, straddles a pretty fine line already. The reliance on microtransactions to get further if one doesn’t want to wait or grind can be a little much at times at higher levels, and the random roulette you have to play just to get heroes is pretty close to gambling.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp looks to raise that bar though, into dangerously mature microtransactions. Any and every obstacle you may encounter can be fixed now, with a little bit of real world money.

“Leaf Tickets” will be the new definitive currency of Animal Crossing, the miracle cure to all of your crossing animal woes. Things can happen faster, items can be obtained sooner, and friendships can be acquired instantaneously. No longer will you have to catch bugs or fish to pay off your house. You can just take out a loan on your actual house to pay for your Animal Crossing one.

The extent of what Leaf Tickets can do is frightening. Basically, if you’re willing to pay for it, you can do it. In my time, with the Leaf Tickets alloted with my review copy, I had become a monster. After I’d purchased my plot of land, a new animal had moved in slightly too close, killing my orchard of apple trees. When the game prompted me to fix it with Leaf Tickets, a raccoon with a crowbar appeared on screen. There was blood. I couldn’t believe that they would actually animate such a crime. It took several in-game hours for the house to burn. I went to bed, and when I woke up, my apples were there again. He had just disappeared. The in-game police had nothing to say. They’re just the lost and found.

Leaf tickets can get you any piece of furniture in the game. Even if it belongs to someone else. They can be exchanged for money. Lots of it. More land, more clothes. Whatever you want, Leaf Tickets will get you what you need.

Money can buy you everything

Your animal neighbors now have friendship meters, which can be leveled up by talking to them and doing things for them. Or, like anything else in the game, you can buy their unending adoration.

When the screen prompted me, I had a few Leaf Tickets left, so I figured, you know. Let’s just give it a try. The villager was promptly called off screen. When she returned, she was trembling. I was invited back to her campsite. Before I knew what was going on, we were in her camper. The horn kept going off because she was bent over the steering wheel. She was the one that initiated things, but she cried when everything was done and over with. When the game asked if I was satisfied with my purchase, I said no. The villager didn’t show up in my village again. Her house disappeared too.

The touch controls are a little confusing sometimes too. The next villager I paid to have their friend meter maxed out, I couldn’t figure out how to loosen my grip on their neck. After some swiping and tapping, I just gave up and watched the animation. I don’t think it was even interactive at that point, I was just watching the animal go limp. Their body went cold, but my player avatar didn’t stop for another hour. They had a knife.

Another satisfaction survey popped up while the raccoons dragged her assorted limbs off screen. I rated it 5 stars, just so it’d stop popping up. It made me write a review on Google Play. That was the only thing Leaf Tickets couldn’t make go away. I uninstalled the game after.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp can currently be downloaded for those in Australia. All others will have to wait for the full game to come out in late November.

Activision Announces Damn Daniel’s Pro Skater Underground

Activision had a few surprises up their sleeves this year. While they’ve already taken everyone by surprise and given them exactly what they wanted with Call of Duty: World War II, that won’t be their only big title for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

What began as a rumor after a leaked listing from Best Buy India was finally officially announced last night during an Activision financial briefing. The Tony Hawk franchise is coming back. But with a new face. The only thing from 1999 still relevant to this day is Columbine. Tony Hawk is old news, and the newer generation of gamers these days don’t even know him.

No, for this year’s skateboard sim, Activision is going for a fresh, recognizable face that everyone will know. A real celebrity. Damn Daniel.

Dammmmmn Daniel

Damn Daniel has been a household name ever since his dramatic rise to fame in 2016. His signature White Vans and charming personality have made him famous the world over, and Activision is sure the young star can give their aging franchise the boost it needs with the younger crowd.

Damn Daniel’s Pro Skater Underground has been built from the ground up, with a brand new physics engine and more in-depth motion tracking than ever before. The days of getting stuck inside walls and falling through the floor are behind us, this is the future. A fully-fleshed out campaign, written and directed by Mr. Daniel himself, whom will also voice himself in the cutscenes, will feature the cinematic, true to life story of the making of Damn Daniel. His fight, his struggles.

Pre-orders have already gone up for GameStop, Amazon, and other retailers, including the GameStop exclusive “Back at it Again” Collector’s Edition, which will feature limited edition White Vans much like Daniel’s.

Back at it again

Damn Daniel’s Pro Skater Underground will be hitting Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Vita, PC, and Wii U on December 1st. The Wii U version will feature impressive console-exclusive touch controls. Remember those Tech Deck skateboard toys? You’ll be able to use your Wii U Game Pad as the skateboard for precision tricks and flips.

Activision has since terminated their contract with Tony Hawk, and will not be pursuing any more endorsements from him. Stockholders seem overjoyed with the decision, as Activision stock has jumped several points since the announcement.