Trump Administration Caught Up In Copyright Lawsuit After Trying To Use Halo’s “UNSC” Logo For US Space Force

The Trump Administration has found themselves in hot water once again. And oddly enough, this time it’s not with our foreign enemies, allies, people within our own government, or the various races and cultures that make up our country’s population. No, this time Trump has gone and pissed off Microsoft.

Trump’s new “Space Force” is looking for a logo. They’ve had a number of ideas, ranging from familiar, classic looks to sleek and futuristic designs. With so many possible ideas, it was hard to narrow it down to just one. But Trump decided to design his own, and insisted that it be the final design. A thoughtful, generous gesture. If it wasn’t quite literally the “UNSC” logo from the popular Halo franchise.

Now this looks familiar

As soon as the logo was unveiled, Microsoft issued an immediate cease and desist. For most copyright issues like this, that would be the end of the story. But of course, this is President Donald Trump we’re talking about.

Trump took to Twitter to immediately fire back, first insisting that it was not a copied logo but a completely different logo, before his story shifted to “I thought of it first”. Trump then began to berate Microsoft and the people at 343 that develop Halo for “fucking up the series” and “failing to put out a good Halo since Bungie left”. Before long, the meltdown extended to Gears of War, Banjo-Kazooie, Fable, and more, with Trump alleging that Microsoft kills everything it touches and doesn’t know how to make games.

The Twitter rant ended with Trump tweeting a picture of him “designing the logo”, to prove that it was in fact he that thought of the UNSC logo first.

Eagle, cool

Microsoft’s statement on the matter is “We will defend our intellectual property to the fullest extent of the law, even if that means taking the President of the United States to court”.

Trump himself went on the record saying “Money-grubbing Microsoft doesn’t care about gamers like us, they need to stop ruining franchises and give Banjo back to Nintendo. Battletoads too, they’ll probably fuck that up too”.

We reached out to the Trump Administration to see how they’d be handling this debacle, but they declined to comment.

Goku From That One Time He Had A Heart Condition Confirmed For Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ has taken over the fighting game scene lately with its fast-paced, three-on-three fights chock full of screaming and explosions. The easy to pick up but difficult to master play-style has rightfully earned the game praise from casual fans and eSport athletes all the same.

Bandai Namco has done a fantastic job of keeping the game updated, balanced, and fresh with new character DLC to keep the meta evolving. Fan-favorite characters like Goku’s father Bardok, the Goku-fused god Zamasu, the half-Goku Super Saiyan Blue Vegito, and plain base-form Goku have joined the cast of iconic characters like Goku (Super Saiyan), Goku Black, Goku (Super Saiyan Blue), and Krillin.

But Krillin better watch it, because a new titan is joining the fray. Dragon Ball fans love to debate the power levels of different characters and whether they would be able to take one another in a fight. Is Dragon Ball Z Goku stronger than Dragon Ball Super Krillin? Is Kid Goku from Dragon Ball strong enough to take out adult Yamcha? Can Super Saiyan God Goku take out Naruto?

Naruto will probably never be confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ. But if you’ve ever wondered if Yamcha could take Goku from that one time he had a heart attack, now you can finally find out.

Goku from when he developed that heart condition during the Android Saga, commonly referred to as “Heart Attack Goku”, will be coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ in the next character DLC expansion. Unlike base-form or Super Saiyan Goku, Heart Attack Goku will be permanently clutching his heart. His attacks will reflect the way he fought during the Android Saga, while he had a heart condition.

Heart Attack Goku wheezes into battle

“This was one of the most highly requested characters from the Dragon Ball Z canon, coming right after Frieza’s One Armed Severed Torso from the very end of the Frieza arc. Whom just so happens to be another of the most highly requested characters to be included as DLC. We have nothing to announce at this time for that, but we hope you will look forward to Heart Attack Goku and the next character we currently have planned for the next DLC expansion, Dead Goku. Dead Goku will have the body of base-form Goku, but have a halo to represent that he is dead. He will have more energy, as he doesn’t have a physical body to get tired out. I hope you look forward to seeing which of them is stronger, between Heart Attack Goku and Dead Goku.” Dragon Ball FighterZ director Junya Motomura told the press at the official unveiling event.

There’s no set date yet for Heart Attack Goku and Dead Goku, but Bandai Namco has said the next DLC character set will be launching before the end of August. There is not yet any confirmation that Frieza’s One Armed Severed Torso will be added as DLC, but from the announcement at the press event, it definitely seemed heavily hinted.

Master Roshi will still not be appearing in the game, as he was pulled due to multiple sexual harassment allegations.

Captain Toad Fired From Nintendo Over Racially Insensitive Tweets

Captain Toad has enjoyed runaway success with the first installment in his very own series, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The game has gone on to be a big hit on Wii U, 3DS, and even the new Nintendo Switch. But all good things must come to an end, some sooner than others. Especially when they’ve got such a shitty sense of humor like Captain Toad.

Nintendo has officially announced that they’re parting ways with the up-and-coming star, thanks to a string of offensive tweets dating back to 2006. The tweets in question, shown below, reveal a deeply racist and misogynistic sense of humor that should not be tolerated anywhere, not in the public limelight and especially not on the internet. Captain Toad had auditioned for a role in the Playstation 3 classic Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Captain Toad going off

Captain Toad has had a history of tweeting sexist, racist, and homophobic things, including derogatory comments about his co-star Toadette. When the tweets originally surfaced, not only did Captain Toad refuse to apologize, he doubled down on them with a slew of angry tweets about men’s rights and “reverse racism”.

The ensuing shitstorm only got worse once word got to Nintendo. There was a near immediate termination of Captain Toad’s contract, and all “Captain Toad” games for the foreseeable future were put on hold indefinitely, including “Treasure Tracker 2” and “Captain Toad: Sanity’s Requiem”. Captain Toad did not take the termination lightly, and things spun out of control from there.

Baby what is you doing

Captain Toad’s Twitter meltdown not only involved tweeting to himself for several straight hours, but involved him tweeting at other prominent figures, including Donald Trump and the Pope. His account was briefly suspended for a few hours, and then brought back up with an apology tweet that seemed more than likely to be written by his agent.

As for Captain Toad himself, it’s currently unknown just how much longterm damage he’s done to his brand and reputation, though oddly enough as soon as he was let go it was announced that he was signed onto an undisclosed project with Warhorse Studios, developers of the critically acclaimed Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Only time will tell how this pans out for the good Captain, but it should go as a warning to everyone in the industry, and beyond it. Don’t say stupid shit on the internet, someone somewhere will always dig it up. No swearing on Twitter or you’ll be fired from your place of employment, period.